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Before attending the first lesson, please bring an instrument appropriately fitted for the student.  A violin can be obtained at any of these vendors (click HERE).  Seman Violins and Chicago Strings are recommended.
For adults and children over the age of 10, a full size violin is on site for trial lessons.  To reserve the instrument, please indicate this on your inquiry.

Click HERE for Lesson Policies and Pricing.

NOTE: The studio is not accepting new students at this time.

Successful students are a reflection of their supportive teachers.  While knowledge about the learning process is invaluable in teaching, equally important is a supportive, encouraging environment.  My goal as a teacher is to fully realize my students' potential.  This means that they must be free to enjoy their work, experiment with methods learned and untried, and develop a positive sense of self-esteem in order to achieve their personal best.  Additionally, my musical objectives blend skills, knowledge, and newer teaching strategies that:

*    Increase basic mind/body coordination skills
*    Develop musical knowledge through effective learning strategies
*    Build interpretative abilities through creative thinking
*    Enhance cultural and artistic understandings conveyed through
Since students begin study at different ages, I design an individual personalized course of study for each student, pacing the learning process based on the student's individual progress.  I use several different methods and materials to meet a student’s needs.  Methods include those from Suzuki, Barber, Trott, Doflein, Sassmannshaus,  Galamian, Gillespie, Kjelland, and Zweig.

To better understand how I conduct my sessions, I offer a free no-obligation trial lesson.  Students of all backgrounds and skills are accepted ages 10 and up.  Small chamber ensemble coaching is also available.  Please use the contact form to inquire for availability.

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